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The first step to getting real value from these sites is to understand their strengths and weaknesses Many of our custom home clients love photo-sharing sites like Pinterest, and those sites can be a big help when searching for design and product ideas. However, they can also lead to frustration and disappointment. The result you

Understanding Resilient Design

A growing topic of discussion among builders in recent years has been resilience. Homes designed and built for resilience will weather all but the most extreme environmental conditions and will remain livable during power outages. They offer homeowners true shelter and peace of mind. The most obvious natural events are those that make the news—

What’s Your Real Market?

The answer will have an impact on the selections you make and the final home cost. Potential clients often ask for our homes’ average cost per square foot. The question is understandable. Price per square foot is a metric the real estate industry uses to gauge the competitiveness of resale homes, and homebuyers have internalized

Three Reasons to Build a Custom Home

Should I build a custom home? Maybe you’ve asked yourself that question before. It could have been midway through a painful remodel in an attempt to update your aging home. Or maybe you found yourself wondering how on earth you were going to make room for a third child without selling and moving – again.

Choose Your Builder Wisely

The low-bid, budget company may cost more in the long run. Here’s why. Does your builder have the size and—more importantly—the management systems needed to handle a custom home project? If not, the final cost in dollars and frustration may be more than you bargained for. There are innumerable ‘horror stories’ on the Internet about

A New Home is a Healthy Home

How professional builders create a healthy indoor environment. If you have concerns about how healthy your new home will be, you’re not alone. In a 2021 survey of 551 American homeowners commissioned by York (a manufacturer of home heating and cooling systems) 62% of respondents said their home’s indoor air quality needed improvement. And in

How Much Will It Cost?

Whether it’s a $7 million custom home or a $70,000 kitchen remodel, no one wants to pay more than they have to. So it’s no surprise that the first question many people have for their architect, interior designer, or custom home builder is about cost. That’s not a good starting point for getting the best

Are You Being Served?

When choosing someone to build your new custom home, there’s a truth that you ignore at your peril: your ultimate satisfaction has as much to do with your day-to-day experience of the project as with the final result. This is very different than buying a tract home, where you have only minimal interaction with the

The Importance of Interior Design

Interior designers can help create safe, comfortable spaces that are perfectly tailored to your needs. Homeowners sometimes ask what, exactly, interior designers bring to the table. It’s a valid question. You’ve lived in homes all your life and know what you like, so choosing products, colors and layouts shouldn’t be complicated, right? The answer is

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The mountains of Southern Utah are renowned for their stark and startling beauty. With superb skiing in the winter and excellent hiking and sight-seeing opportunities in the summers, there are plenty of reasons to build a Southern Utah mountain home. Most people, when they think of communities in Southern Utah, think of places like Cedar

Looking Beyond Sticker Prices

Installed costs vary greatly from product to product, but your builder can help manage them. Cost control is top-of-mind for anyone building a custom home these days. That includes keeping final product costs as close to the estimate as possible. With this in mind, some homeowners browse at design centers and box stores, then come

Why Changes are so Costly

Change orders have always led to budget increases and schedule delays, and it’s not getting any better. With inflation showing up in the news and at the grocery store, some homeowners are asking what they can do to keep construction costs from escalating. Part of the answer is to choose the features and products you

How to Choose a Custom Home Builder

Choosing a custom home builder can be difficult. It’s important to find the right builder to make your custom home exactly how you’ve always pictured it. The beautiful land around Dixie National Forest in Southern Utah is home to many incredible mountain homes. Small resort communities such as Brian Head, Duck Creek Village, and Panguitch

The Changing Role of Allowances

Price chaos for materials has made budgeting more complicated. Here’s what you need to know. Most people are familiar with allowances—a way to let homeowners create firm budgets for items that haven’t been specified at the time of contract signing. For instance, if the homeowners and kitchen designer concluded that $30,000 would support the quality

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Who You Gonna Call?

How do you identify a great custom builder—and choose the best one for your needs? There’s an oft-repeated quip that building a custom home is as much about the experience as the result. Yes and no. It’s true that you will invest more emotion into the design and construction process than with an off-the-shelf tract

All Quartz is Not Equal

Even if the budget is tight, this is not the place to economize. Here’s why. If asked to describe your relationship with your home’s products, only a few would warrant the term “intimate.” One of the few is your kitchen counter. You gaze at it and rub it daily. You trust it not to contaminate

The Best House You Can Build

              There are codes and there are standards. A great home requires both. There was a TV commercial for kosher hot dogs that first aired in the 1970s. With a surprised and disappointed Uncle Sam as background, the narrator described how government authorities allowed the company to use ingredients

A Home for All Ages

The best accessible features are really just good design By some estimates, the decade from 2011 to 2021 saw a quadrupling of households with parents and grown children. Last year’s increase was especially sharp—the National Association of Realtors reported 15% growth in demand for multigenerational homes between April and June of 2020. As home prices

What Drives a Home’s Price?

Builders need a lot of information to arrive at an accurate number Every now and then a homeowner will call to ask how much our new homes cost per square foot. The answer, of course, depends on a range of variables. Some of these are obvious, and others less so. The differences everyone grasps have

Managing the Great Supply Crunch

In the future, you can tell friends and family what things were like during the Great Supply Crunch If you’re contemplating a new custom home, you’re no doubt aware of rising costs for lumber and other building materials. That problem has gotten plenty of media coverage. But price isn’t the only challenge. There’s another issue

Battery Powered Homes

This cutting-edge technology is growing fast. Is it right for you? With solar panels sprouting on roofs from sea to shining sea, their big weakness is hitting more homeowners where it hurts—in the wallet. New technology aims to cure that weakness and to make solar a more profitable investment. Solar has become practical in nearly

Simplifying Home Automation

The trick is to choose the technologies you need while ignoring those you don’t A new custom home is a chance to get the latest digital bells and whistles for some people. The problem is that home automation can feel like a daunting topic and the wrong choices can lead to frustration. Which technologies will