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Everything from log staining to gravel laying, from fire mitigation to caulking and well beyond - after 40 years building and serving homes in the mountains of Southern Utah, Jacobs Construction has seen and done it all. Your land and the home that resides on it is one of the most important and personal investments you can make. We understand the importance of protecting that investment and provide the services to maintain and protect your home. Not only is the exterior of your home the first impression of your household, completing routine maintenance can often save you from costly repairs down the road. * Financing available

Fire Mitigation

The vegetation surrounding a building is fuel for a fire. Even the building itself is considered fuel. Research and experience have shown that fuel reduction around a building or structure increases the probability of it surviving a wildfire, and also greatly increases forest health. Good defensible space allows firefighters to protect and save structures safely without facing unacceptable risk to their lives. Fuel reduction through vegetation management is the key to good Fire Mitigation. Many mountain lots have various debris spread throughout including dead and down trees, limbs, brush, etc... Another problem in Southern Utah is diseased trees, and by removing them, the rest of the vegetation will have a greater chance to grow stronger and healthier. Many diseases or infestations, if caught early, can be cured. We offer services to suit you and your project. Our goals also include making your property safer and more enjoyable for you, your family, and your friends.

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Need exterior maintenance? Washing? Caulking? Staining? Gravel? Let Jacobs Construction help. With over 40 years of Mountain experience, we have seen and done it all! *Financing Available